Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Big Bang

Ok so you are thinking so what?  The Big Bang has always and will always be a topic of pros and cons.  Well to fill you in on something about me, I was born and raised in Los Alamos New Mexico.  The "Atomic" City as it were.    I even had friends that were like the characters of the TV show "Big Bang Theory".  I have found science a fun topic to read about even though I have not the mind to have gone into a career about it. That would be my daughter the wonderful Marine Biologist that she is becoming.
Now imagine growing up in a world of science and being raised a Christian, blows the mind.
My mom, who I lost over a year ago, did what most people do today and that is raise their family in a religon based setting.  She did her best to make sure we were in the good eyes of God, but then she never really said anything against science.
So you can say the Big Bang Theory for me is the center of both worlds.
I had a friend that would argue while we were in Middle school that the world was create only by the Big Bang and that no Unseen mystical being did the work.  My comment back was, "God could have clapped his hands together, and that was the Big Bang."
The Big Bang to most will always be this being discussion on it was what started it all, but for me it makes me think about what it created.  What is out there and what else is there to discover.

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  1. I like the fact that you've found something that you enjoy writing about.